SMART Journey

SMART Scholars are supported in an eight-year intensive program, that addresses their academic, social and emotional needs while transforming lives and developing our community's future leaders.

4th Grade: Recruitment

Our network of referral partners nominates potential SMART Scholars from under-resourced communities. Final candidates demonstrate strong academic potential, sincere motivation, and a family commitment to participate in an intensive eight-year college bound program.

5th Grade: Placement

SMART provides step-by-step partner school application and financial aid process guidance for families. We facilitate school placements, and advocate on behalf of parents through workshops and meetings.

Rising 5th & 6th Grades: Academic Summer Enrichment Program

Taught by certified teachers, SMART's Summer Program prepares students for the rigors of an independent school education, prevents and reduces the incidence of summer learning loss, and provides enriching activities to develop and strengthen the bonds of youth to their peers and communities.

6th - 8th Grades: Middle School Achievement Program (MAP)

MAP is a twice-weekly out-of-school-time program that bridges the gap many Scholars face in their new independent schools. SMART provides a parent education series, while Scholars benefit from one-on-one tutoring, mentors, and a curriculum designed to provide academic support and community building among SMART Scholars in the 5th - 8th grades.

8th - 12th Grades: College Achievement Program (CAP)

Scholars in the 8th - 12th grades have unique needs as they balance academic achievement while preparing for the next phase in their lives. CAP advances SMART Scholars toward high school graduation and a college education. SMART provides a parent education series, while Scholars benefit from workshops, leadership opportunities, individualized academic support, and community building components. Weekly programming supports our Scholars through career and college exploration and assists with the college and financial aid application processes, while emphasizing the importance of community engagement and self-advocacy.