Short-term Volunteer Opportunities

2016-2017 Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

SMART offers one-time projects or activities that do not require long-term commitment or application screening processes. Please see the list below of all available one-time/short-term volunteer opportunities and click on each link to learn more. Please contact or 415-865-5400 to learn more about the available activities listed below.

Family Interview Workshop (January 2017)
SMART Assessment Days (March 2017)
Career Conference (April 2017)
Summer Enrichment Program Friday Field Trips (June - July 2017)
Career Tours (on-going)
Pro Bono and Specialized Volunteer Projects (on-going)

Family Interview Workshop
During this Saturday workshop you will have the opportunity to role play being an admissions officer from a SMART partner school and practice interviewing 2 - 3 current SMART 5th grade families. These interviews will give families a chance, in a safe space, to practice answering questions about their child and the opportunity to express what they liked about the schools that they toured. Following each interview, you will give parents feedback and help to brainstorm questions they might want to ask the schools.

SMART Assessment Days 
Assessment Days are an opportunity to learn more about SMART's selection process and assist in identifying our next group of students! Come and meet qualified 4th graders and their familiesst during a day of interviews and activities. Volunteer roles may include interviewing, assessments of math and language arts tests, observation of group activities, and talking to families about SMART. The session will end with a round table discussion with SMART staff about your observations. To reflect the communities of SMART and San Francisco, we encourage Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking volunteers to participate. These are fun, interactive days that are important steps in supporting our Scholars on their paths to college. *Volunteers choose a day, and may commit for a half or full-day.

Career Conference 
SMART’s annual Career Conference runs for three days each year and serves to educate our Scholars on various career paths and how to prepare for them. We are seeking volunteers, preferably individuals who are also first in their family to go to college or professionals of color,  from a diversity of disciplines to sit on various career panels and to work in small groups or one-on-one with students to help them polish their resumes. *Volunteers commit to attending one evening, 5:00PM-7:00PM

Summer Enrichment Program Friday Field Trips 
Each year SMART holds a six week academic summer enrichment program for our 5th and 6th grade Scholars to ensure against Summer Learning Loss, and to prepare them for the rigors of a private school education. As part of our summer programming, we offer Friday field trips, each of them with an environmental or scientific focus, and volunteers are needed to help chaperone our Scholars. Volunteers for field trips must be available to assist from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. *Volunteers may commit to one or multiple days.

Career Tours (on-going) 
SMART will love to offer opportunities for our high school-aged Scholars to participate in Career Tours. For corporations who would like to participate, timing on the particular day you choose is somewhat flexible— activities can begin as early as 10:00 AM, and can run as late as 4:30. The goal of the tours is to introduce students to different careers by visiting different businesses/agencies to learn about how they function, the ebb and flow of a work day, and the various career options available within the company. Tour structure is flexible depending on company preferences, but typically lasts for 3 – 5 hours, and can accommodate 8 – 15 students. Students should receive a tour of the facility and the opportunity to meet staff members with varied roles from different departments. Employees typically talk about their roles, and how they support the overall mission of the company, what they studied, and the path they took to reach their current position. Depending on the company's preference, students can be split up and shadow individuals for 45 minutes to an hour, or listen to a presentation from staff. Many of our corporate partners include a lunch or snacks for our Scholars.

Pro Bono and Specialized Volunteer Projects
SMART regularly relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations who contribute their time and expertise by providing pro bono professional services. Past support includes legal representation, photography/videography, information technology, graphic design, and marketing, among others.