Measures of Success

Since 1997, SMART has improved educational outcomes and expanded opportunities for our Scholars - forever altering the trajectories of their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.


Only 9% of low-income students obtain a bachelor's degree by age 24. Source

89% of low-income, first generation college students fail to graduate college within 6 years. Source

Approximately half of all low-income students with a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 and a minimum SAT score of 1,200 do not attend the best college they could have. Many don't even apply and of those that do, many don't enroll. Lower-income students - even when they are better qualified - often go to colleges that excel in producing dropouts. Source and Source

1.3 million students fail to graduate from high school each year; more than half are students of color. Source

Percentage of all bachelor's degrees awarded by race/ethnicity: African American/Black 10.3%, Asian/Pacific Islander 7.3%, Latino 8.8%, Caucasian 72.9%. Source

SMART Scholars and Families

289 students and their families served in the 2015-2016 school year

Ethnic diversity (self-identified): Latino 51%, Asian/Pacific Islander 30%, African American 14%, Multiracial 4%, Arab 1%, Caucasian <1%

77% speak a language other than English at home

96% will be first-generation college students

25% do not own cars

65% take at least two buses to school

75% are first or second generation in the US

Average income for a family of four: $35,494

28% of Scholars are from single-parent households

SMART Volunteers

229 tutors, mentors, corporate and short-term supporters (2015-2016 school year)

17% have been with SMART for over three years

1:1 volunteer to student ratio

2,540 yearly total of volunteer hours, valued at $68,580

SMART Successes

Average MAP GPA: 3.53

Average CASP GPA: 3.37

100% graduate from high school

94% have or are enrolled in college

100% of CASP seniors apply to an average of 12 colleges each

High School Enrollments

Archbishop Riordan | Bay School | Cate School | City Arts & Tech | Convent of the Sacred Heart | Crystal Springs Uplands | Drew College Prep | Galileo Academy of Science & Technology | Gateway High School | French American International | Immaculate Conception Academy | International Studies Academy | June Jordan School for Equity | KIPP | Leadership High School | Lick-Wilmerding High School | Lowell High School | Marin Academy | The Marin School | Mercy High School | R.L. Stevenson | Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep | Saint Ignatius High School | San Domenico School | Santa Catalina Boarding School | School of the Arts | SF Waldorf | Urban School | University High School | Wallenberg High School | Washington High School

College Enrollments

Berkelee College of Music | British Columbia University | Cal Poly Pomona | Carleton College | City College of San Francisco | College of the Holy Cross | Columbia University | CSU Los Angeles | CSU Long Beach | Denison University | Dominican University | Duke University | Emory University | Havarford College | Howard University | Loyola New Orleans | New York University | Northeastern University | Notre Dame de Namur University | Occidental College | Pitzer College | San Diego State University | San Francisco State University | Southern California Institute of Architecture | Sacramento State University | Saint Joseph’s University | Saint Lawrence University | Saint Mary’s College | Santa Clara University | Spelman College | Tulane University | All UCs | University of Puget Sound | University of San Francisco | University of Southern California | Utah State | Westmont College Wesleyan University | Whitman College | Yale University